Our Story

The journey began in search of a space where one feels comfortable no matter the differences. A place to celebrate who you are. And we found it at the soul center of Halifax. Time has shown how Halifax embraced Indian food and culture creating its own version. As our contribution to this mix, we created a quirky blend for you all to enjoy being your self.

With classic Indian platters fused with flavours and styles worldwide, Besharam Bar & Grill is a spot buzzing with Indian music (and we aren’t talking about the Sitar and the Veena!) hiding in plain sight on the first floor.

It is a revival of the Indian Street Culture fitted into a formal dining system. Experience the real Indian culture without the frills and furbelows! The Red Door awaits you…


First floor, Red door, 5680 Spring Garden Rd., Halifax NS B3J1H5

Call Us

(902) 444-0484



Restaurant Hours

Monday: 4pm – 12am
Tuesday: 4pm – 12am
Wednesday: 4pm – 12am
Thursday: 4pm – 12am
Friday: 4pm – 12am
Saturday: 4pm – 12am
Sunday: 4pm – 12am